Abracadabra - magic mouse
Thursday, November 26, 2009 at 7:47PM
Steve Upton
In my continuing search to get the best tools for the job I took the plunge and bought a magic mouse.

For years I've used Microsoft mice and been very happy. Most recently the bluetooth version has been my weapon of choice. It's shape meant I could rest my hand on it comfortably all day and it had more buttons than I've ever needed. My one real niggle was the lack of an off switch for when it got chucked in my bag with my laptop.

However that all changed when I got my Macbook Pro - what a machine. How could I ever use a mouse again once I'd used all the gestures on the trackpad? So for the best part of a year I didn't bother but I now spend most of my time working from home I needed a better ergonomic position. A Griffin platform raised the screen to the right height and back to the old trusty MS mouse.

Then along comes the magic mouse - Apple design, glass surface, fingertip touch, some gesture support - had to be done.

Installation seemed to be very simple initially, I just paired it and it worked - partially. The mouse moved, clicking left and right were fine but it wouldn't scroll. So, off to Google I went. Having recently upgraded to Snow Leopard maybe that was it. Ah ha! A driver download on the Apple site better install that. Oh no! Now it doesn't connect at all. Right tome to reboot and see if the time honoured Windows fix works. A reboot however then meant my Bluetooth keyboard didn't work either :(

More Google required. I found a number of things talking about USB windows_server processes but I didn't appear to have one of those. Eventually I settled for delete all pairings and re-pair keyboard and mouse. Happy to say that worked.

My conclusions after a weeks use:
- Nice design
- Love the touch scrolling
- Shame it doesn't do pinch zooming

However my main fault would have to be it's not sensitive enough. Even on max sensitivity I had to stop using a mouse mat because I have to move it too far.

Any chance of a driver update Apple?
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