Mac Apps
Thursday, November 26, 2009 at 8:22PM
Steve Upton
For some time I've been meaning to do a summary of the apps I've found on the Mac to replace those previously used on a PC. So here's my first run:

Omnigraffle - open and edit Visio docs. An interesting UI to get used to but does the job and far cheaper than Visio.

Things - the best task management tool I've used in a while. Works well with a 'getting things done' methodology.

MS Office - pauses all the time, frustrating to use, flakey compared to the Windows version, expensive but had to be done for work purposes.

Text Wrangler - easy to use text editor withe syntax highlighting and tabbed multiple files.

iPhoto - brilliant Mac app for photo management.

Caffeine - small, simple but really handy. Click the coffee cup on the menu bar and your Mac doesn't sleep. Ideal for presentations or when discussing what's on screen.

Istat menus - handy way to see what's going on when your Mac slows down.

Gmail - why use a local version when this web one is so easy an full featured.

Truecrypt - easy way to create an encrypt a drive or create a file as a drive for storing info securely.

Steelray - viewer for MS project files. Cheap, quick, no editing but very handy for viewing project files you get emailed from time to time.

Dropbox - brilliant app for sharing files between machines, including iPhones.

That's a start for now, more depth when I get some time.
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