Always on ... 

... but what about when it's not?

Over the last six months or so, as I've become more comfortable with the idea, I've started to move more of my stuff into the cloud. Online backups, Evernote, Flickr, gmail, google calendar, Google docs, Remember The Milk all now help me organise my life. With my new iPhone and an unlimited data plan things are great. I have a bit of an issue with the reception on my iPhone as it doesn't seem to be as good as my N95 was in rural areas, but I can live with that.

When travelling abroad however things change completely. At home I use about 250Mb per month. For roaming O2 have 3 options: £3 per Mb, £20 for 10Mb or £50 for 50 Mb. I decided to go for the £20 option as I'd be on hols and wouldn't need mail and stuff.

Day 1: Strange town so I use Parking finder, Local Picks and Google Maps to find lunch and in the process consume half of my 10Mb of data!

For the rest of the trip I was very wary of when I turned data on and off. Maybe there's an easy way to get another data sim abroad and use that but that requires some investigation.

My conclusion so far has to be that the data you absolutely need has to be copied locally onto your device. Other stuff that you can wait for a decent connection can live in the cloud.


Oops here's a post I wrote but forgot to publish last week. Clearly I was having far too good a holiday ...

Ok now I have a new definition of frustration. It's when you've partially downloaded the new iPhone version of Worms but then are staying somewhere with NO WIFI! I'm gonna have to find a Starbucks for lunch tomorrow.

The other thing about trips with no wifi is online books are great unless you're offline! Thank goodness PC world had the iPhone book
I wanted :)

Right back to my nibs and outlet definitions.


Ok, I confess. I'm addicted to shopping for iPhone apps on the app store.

Latest - Parachute Panic
I blame Wil Harris. If he hadn't mentioned it on Twitter I would never have downloaded it. Gotta go, more parachutists to save !


I know the name isn't as catchy as iPhone but it is more accurate. Firstly I must clarify this by saying that I'm in the UK on O2 and for a number of years have enjoyed a good to reasonable connection over most of the UK. However that is no more since I moved to an iPhone. Areas of my house, trips to the countryside, camp sites, all locations that I had no issues with my trusty N95, are now location non grata.

Thank goodness iBlogger allows me to create entries offline and sync them later :)

iBlogger installed

As I said in my first post my previous blogging attempts have been short lived. I suspect that one of the reasons for this is that when I had something to say, or the time to note it down, Or didn't have a computer in front of me. Or if I did there was no Internet connection. As the proud new owner of an iPhone 3GS I've removed those excuses.

iBlogger was easy to install and set up. The interface appears clear and easy to use. My only gripe so far is that the editing screen only works in portrait mode.