Ok, I confess. I'm addicted to shopping for iPhone apps on the app store.

Latest - Parachute Panic
I blame Wil Harris. If he hadn't mentioned it on Twitter I would never have downloaded it. Gotta go, more parachutists to save !


I know the name isn't as catchy as iPhone but it is more accurate. Firstly I must clarify this by saying that I'm in the UK on O2 and for a number of years have enjoyed a good to reasonable connection over most of the UK. However that is no more since I moved to an iPhone. Areas of my house, trips to the countryside, camp sites, all locations that I had no issues with my trusty N95, are now location non grata.

Thank goodness iBlogger allows me to create entries offline and sync them later :)

iBlogger installed

As I said in my first post my previous blogging attempts have been short lived. I suspect that one of the reasons for this is that when I had something to say, or the time to note it down, Or didn't have a computer in front of me. Or if I did there was no Internet connection. As the proud new owner of an iPhone 3GS I've removed those excuses.

iBlogger was easy to install and set up. The interface appears clear and easy to use. My only gripe so far is that the editing screen only works in portrait mode.

New adventures in cyberspace

Ok, so I've started to blog a number of times previously and it hasn't worked out, mainly due to a lack of effort on my part. However it is something I'm still interested in and it's time to start again. If nothing else this should give me a place to pull together all the things I'm doing online.

Thanks to the folks at Squarespace the trial is free and the setup is amazingly fast so what have I got to lose.

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