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Word Lens - iPhone App

"See the world in your language" is the strapline on the iTunes store for this app but does it really work?

I downloaded Word Lens over a year ago but at the time it was a little unreliable and the only option was the demo which reversed text. The idea of the app is that it uses augmented reality for language translation. So you point your iPhone camera at some text and what appears on the screen is the translated text in the same setting as the original.

On a recent holiday to France I thought I'd see how well the latest version worked, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Here's my first target, a box of red cabbage. It took Word Lens a couple of seconds to stabilise the image but not only is it a clear translation but the resultant translation image is brilliant.



Next something a little more complex with multiple rows of text.

More than enough information for me to find a new pair of comfortable slippers for the caravan.

The app itself is free, with the demo translation which reverses text. In app purchase is then £2.99 and the following packs are available at the time of writing:

  • English <--> French
  • English <--> Spanish
  • English <--> Italian
  • English <--> German
  • English <--> Portugese

It doesn't work with all fonts, the more simple the font the more likely an accurate translation. However for general use while on holiday it was great and I'll be using it on future trips.